We believe in ideas and quality craft

ZERØ2 began with an idea whose simplicity disguises the elegance of its design: a cube of foam could transform into a sofa by taking a piece away from it. The challenging spirit behind Open shaped the start of a new way of thinking and materialize in our brand. All of the built-to-last ZERØ2 pieces is designed with a unique idea at its foundation.

We only use the highest quality materials and expert, local production. We will not sacrifice quality by mass-producing cheaper products in places where the rights of workers are not valued. All ZERØ2 sofas are made by hand in Portugal, with expert attention to detail, high-quality foams made in Portugal, and high-quality fabrics and leather sourced in Europe.

The best materials combined with our perfected manual craftsmanship generate pieces of remarkable durability, built to last for generations.

Heart-crafted manufacturing in Portugal

Only the best materials are found in ZERØ2 sofas, from the finest woods that form the structures to the high-end advanced foams, fabrics and leather coverings. Each strong, resistant piece is made entirely with high quality materials from Europe and Portuguese handcrafted production expertise.

Our proprietary modular designs offer the flexibility to form and re-form the piece to fit any space. Each sofa is built in parts and assembled in its final destination by the handling team, and can be increased in size at any point in the future.

Our manufacturing process and methods are constantly refined to increase quality and durability. Each piece comes with a 10 year warranty, though we have never had a complaint in all our years of production.

Bone to skin quality

The creative quality of a ZERØ2 is apparent just by looking at it, but the finer details and unique comfort can only be felt when you take a seat. Each is made of solid wood and high-quality foams wrapped in your choice of KVADRAT fabrics and ELMO leathers from our expansive collection.