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Story and idea of Serpentine

The unique “design in movement” of Serpentine recalls the movement of a snake, allowing you to create a dramatic form in your space. A truly original idea, you buy Serpentine by the meter to fit your needs.

Starting from the most basic, 3-section sofa, as you add more “slices” you can take Serpentine to another level. Change the orientation of the seating and curve of the sofa to create a piece that is uniquely yours.

A smart steel element at the base joins volumes together and allows for 20º rotations to changes the Serpentine’s movement. The sculptural design gives Serpentine a bold and creative presence that is ideal for creating a contemporary space.

Serpentine was designed in 2006 Hugo da Silva and Miguel Coimbra.

Technical information

What Serpentine is made of

Make no mistake, Serpentine is a very comfortable sofa. The base is made of marine plywood, with high-density polyethylene covered by high-resilience quality foams of 35/m3, produced in Portugal.

Serpentine is not made in a mass production line. Like any ZERØ2, each is made by hand with heart and attention. Handcraft production adds extra soul and durability, so we call it heart-crafted.

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