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Story and idea of Open

Open’s unique concept requires a sculptural action: you open it to change the form and use it. From a large block of foam the designer took a smaller cube to create a place to sit. This action shapes the soul of the object.

Open is sofa to sit on, with another piece that can be a footrest, a table, a meditation cushion, or whatever you wish. But because Open has no structure, the block of foam is very comfortable to sit on without removing the smaller block at all.

Open was originally designed in 1997 and redesigned in 2004 by Miguel Coimbra.

Technical information

What is Open made of

Open is made of high resilience quality foams of 35kg, made in Portugal. It has a suspension grid in the seat and backrest and a steel structure at the base. Like any ZERØ2, we make it by hand with heart and attention. Handcraft production adds extra soul and durability, so we call it heart-crafted.

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