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Story and idea of Guz

Guz shows how you can create a lot with very little. This ultra-modular system is based on a simple idea: every unit is a 95X95 perfect square. Starting with only two sections (with or without backrest), the possibilities grow exponentially as more units are added to a configuration.

This simple concept allows Guz to become a dynamic and complex sofa with countless options to fill in space. You can easily form a new shape by changing the order of its elements or by rotating them in a new direction.

Guz was designed in 2002 by Miguel Coimbra.

Technical information

What Guz is made of
Guz’s solid wood structure provides maximum stability and durability.
A latex suspension grid is the base for the high-resilience quality foams of 35 and 40 Kg/m3 density, produced in Portugal.

Guz is not made in a mass production line. Like any ZERØ2, each is made by hand with heart and attention. Handcraft production adds extra soul and durability, so we call it heart-crafted.

Measures in centimeters

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