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Story and idea of Buda

Buda’s strong personality comes from its clean, honest design.

Every part is visible in the simplicity of Buda’s elegant straight lines, giving it a timeless quality.

Buda is made of independent segments that can fit together in a variety of comfortable combinations. Buda’s wide, robust arms are designed to be used as seats and create a feeling of safety and comfort.

It’s modular design allows different configurations and makes handling and transportation much easier.

Buda was designed in 2002 by Miguel Coimbra.

Technical information

What´s Buda made of

Each section of a Buda sofa is made of a solid wood structure.

This increases firmness and strength, making Buda one of the most robust sofas of its class. A latex suspension grid is the base for high-resilience quality foams of 35 and 40 kg/m3 density, produced in Portugal.

Buda is not made in a mass production line. Like any ZERØ2, each is made by hand, with heart and attention. Handcraft production adds extra soul and durability, so we call it heart-crafted.

Measures in centimeters

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